Case Study - Digitalization Of Warehouse Operations



Client is a manufacturer & distributor of a diverse range of kitchen and household appliances. In addition to their existing product line, they have embarked on a series of production ventures, including the manufacturing of Stainless-Steel Gas Stoves. the brand’s core values of functionality, quality, and aesthetics



•A significant concern we identified within operations pertains to the inadequate traceability in Order Management and inventory systems. This deficiency poses several challenges, impacting of ability to effectively track and manage orders and inventory. It results in delays, inventory inaccuracies, and a lack of transparency in supply chain, all of which can have adverse effects on overall efficiency and customer satisfaction.
•Another major concern identified pertains to customer service management. The lack of proper records and an effective system for tracking customer complaints and their resolution status has hindered ability to provide seamless support. This challenge made it difficult to maintain comprehensive records of customer issues, monitor the progress of each case, and ensure that complaints are satisfactorily resolved for valued customer. Consequently, this has not only impacted the customer service efficiency but also carries the potential for customer dissatisfaction.


What We Did:
Digitalization of order management & inventory system

Our journey towards digitalizing order management & inventory system involved several key components, including the implementation of data dashboards for material consumption analysis, the optimization of re-ordering patterns, and along with the traceability in order management. We initiated the process with a thorough assessment of inventory management procedures. We recognized the need for real-time data visibility and efficient material consumption tracking. This led to the identification of areas where manual processes were causing inefficiencies, and traditional re-ordering patterns were failing to meet inventory needs.
With a clear understanding of inventory management requirements, we embarked on the task of selecting the most suitable solutions. This involved digital inventory systems of data dashboard for material consumption, and re-ordering patterns and safety level strategies that would seamlessly align with the specific needs.
In efforts to enhance traceability within order management process, we strategically chose and seamlessly integrated a specialized software system that was meticulously customized to meet specific traceability needs.
The digitalization of inventory system through the implementation of data dashboards for material consumption, optimization of MSL and re-ordering patterns, and traceability in order management was a comprehensive and meticulously executed initiative. It yields to achieve precise inventory tracking, reduce stockouts, and optimize storage space. This digital transformation significantly improved inventory management efficiency, Visibility in material consumption & accurate traceability.


Customer Service Management

In pursuit of enhancing Customer Service Management, we embarked on a transformative journey marked by the implementation of two key elements: an auto-generated serial-wise complaint numbering system and the introduction of proper field job sheets for tracking resolution status.
Our journey began with the introduction of an automated complaint numbering system. Each customer’s concern was assigned a unique serial number, enabling us to systematically categorize and manage complaints. This not only streamlined the intake process but also provided customers with a reference point for tracking the progress of their complaints.
Simultaneously, we implemented proper field job sheets for service technicians. These sheets were designed to comprehensively document the resolution process. They included details such as the nature of the issue, actions taken, materials used, and resolution status. By equipping technicians with these structured sheets, we ensured that the resolution process was transparent and meticulously tracked.
Through these strategic implementations, we successfully improved Customer Service Management. The auto-generated serial-wise complaint numbering system and the use of field job sheets significantly enhanced ability to manage and track complaints. This not only streamlined operations but also led to increased customer satisfaction and a more efficient and transparent resolution process.


Sustained Change – Our Journey

Our journey of sustained change has been defined by a commitment to digitalization and a well-defined approach to customer service management. We embarked on a transformative path to enhance our operations, focusing on two pivotal aspects: the digitalization of order management and inventory system and the establishment of a well-defined customer service management process.

Digitalization of Order Management and Inventory System: We set out to modernize operations by integrating technology solutions that streamlined order management and inventory processes. This digital transformation enabled us to achieve real-time visibility, efficient order tracking, and precise inventory control. The implementation of state-of-the-art software allowed us to optimize supply chain, reduce errors, and enhance overall efficiency. This, in turn, paved the way for improved customer service and satisfaction.

Well-Defined Customer Service Management: In parallel, we established a well-defined customer service management system that. we introduced auto-generated serial-wise complaint numbers and structured field job sheets to meticulously track the resolution status of customer complaints. This innovative approach not only enhanced transparency and accountability but also empowered customers to monitor the progress of their concerns. It created a more responsive and customer-centric support system.

Through these concerted efforts, we have achieved a significant and sustained change in operations. The digitalization of order management and inventory systems, coupled with a well-defined customer service management process, has led to increased efficiency, enhanced customer satisfaction, and an overall more agile and competitive business model. Our journey of sustained change continues, as we remain committed to advancing processes and embracing the possibilities of a digital and customer-centric future.


Key results

• Traceability in Order Management & inventory system
• Improved Customer Service Management
• Track the resolution status of customer complaints
• Improved production efficiency.